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Why keep Shabbat? The Torah reminds us that we are to be "a people that dwells apart, that shall not be numbered with the nations" (Numbers 23:9). Keeping Shabbat is indispensable if that distinctness and collective identity is to become real, something one can see, hear, taste and remember as lived experience. While the rest of the world treats Saturday as a day off, a day to shop, or even a day to catch up on work, we are to treat Saturday as the holiest of days when we are privileged to host the Holy One at our table and sing his praises in our gathered families. It is a day where all our creativity is devoted to Sabbath joys, and to receiving and celebrating the life we did not make, but have been given by the Holy One. Perhaps you will ask, "What good will keeping Shabbat do for me?" That is, of course, the wrong question. The question is, "What will not keeping Shabbat do to you?"
Come, keep - and be kept by - the holy Shabbat.